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Automatic Hose Reel (Water)

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Nomor Produk : 740
Tanggal Publish : 13 Nov 2017

Automatic Hose Reel (for water)

Lock at any length
Rewind at a low speed
No electricity
No batteries
Auto rewind

Features :
1. Rewind the hose automatically. The lock device between left cover and reel can control length. The mobile bracket can let the hose reel swivel through 180º to the left or right to enlarge working area.

2. Latest generation of hose storage system. A great design with elegant and unique outlook pre-assembled with quality hose as well as all fittings and wall mounting parts. The hose in re-wound in automatically and evenly with the minimum efforts. A ratchet mechanism guarantees the hose only rewind when you want it to and safety lock affords additional protection against accidental rewind.

Hose material : PVC

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